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I. Residents and guests

a) New residents must notify the Property Manager of Ala Wai King Apartments before moving in; provide photo identification listing all occupants; provide the name and telephone number of the person(s) to notify in case of an emergency; and sign a statement agreeing to read and observe the received set of House Rules.

b) Residents shall be responsible for the actions of all persons residing in their apartments and their guests at all times while on the premises.

c) Guests are to be escorted at all times while on premise.

II. Resident and Apartment Security

a) Do not let strangers in. Each resident has a access gate key to enter through the security gates. Do not let others follow behind you.

b) Do not give your apartment, security gate or other apartment keys to anyone. You will be responsible for any lost or stolen keys, and may be personally liable for any break ins, theft and vandalism as a result of your lost or stolen keys.

c) Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice a suspicious person around the premise, notify the Property Manager or call 911 immediately.

d) Each apartment door automatically locks when closed. This is to provide added security to each resident and to ensure that the apartment units are properly secured. However, please make sure that you carry your keys with you when leaving the apartment, or you will be locked out.

III. Apartments

a) All apartments shall be used only for residential purposes. No residential apartment shall be used in connection with any trade or business.

b) Nothing shall be allowed, done or kept in any apartment which will overload or impair the floors, ceiling or wall or cause any increase in the insurance premium rates of the cancellation or invalidation of any insurance thereon, maintained by the Management of Ala Wai King Apartments.

c) Nothing shall be allowed, done or kept in any apartment which will overload or impair the electrical circuits.  Overloading electrical circuits is a potential fire hazard.  Resident may become personally liable for any damages and/or injury as a result of overloading electrical circuits.  Ala Wai King Apartments reserves the right to inspect apartment units and request that residents remove excessive electrical appliances from the apartment. 

d) All residents shall maintain their respective apartments, and the equipment, such as air conditioners and fixtures located therein, in such a manner so as not to cause damage to other apartments or the common elements or to interfere with the rights of other residents. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping apartments and lanais clear of insects, termites and waste from birds and other pets. The Property Manager or owner shall have the right, upon reasonable notice to the resident, to enter the apartment to inspect for compliance with this provision.

e) All residents shall maintain equipment, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and fixtures located therein, in such a manner as to minimize wear and tear on such equipment and to maintain proper functionality of such equipment.

f) No door-to-door solicitation will be allowed on the premises.

g) No pets are allowed on the premises or in the apartments. Only certified seeing-eye dogs shall be allowed on the premises.

IV. Walkways

a) Walkways are not storage areas. Walkways are to remain clear at all times. Residents are not permitted to place floor mats, laundry, shoes, plants, rubbish and other items to impede and/or block access of walkways. Impeding and blocking the walkways present a hazard to other residents.

b) The Management of Ala Wai King Apartments reserves the right to reprimand and issue a monetary fine to any resident who breaks this rule. Fines may be deducted from a resident’s security deposit if resident refuses to pay the fine.

c) The Management of Ala Wai King Apartments reserves the right to remove items left in walkways  so as not to cause undue hazards to other residents. Such items may be reclaimed by the resident during regular office hours. If a monetary fine has been issued, the resident is to pay the fine in full.

V. Appearance of Building

a) The exterior surfaces of the buildings, including but not limited to, the doors, passageways and grounds shall be used and decorated only as permitted by the Management of Ala Wai King Apartments. No alterations, installations, repairs or changes of any nature whatsoever shall be made to the exterior surfaces of the buildings.

b) No sign of any nature shall be displayed, placed, erected or otherwise affixed to any exterior window, exterior surfaces of the door of apartments or of the building.

c) All apartment doors are to be left closed for appearance and safety reasons.

d) No towels or similar items are to be placed under the door or in any other area so as to prevent smoke from activating the smoke detectors.

VI. Common Areas

a) Any damage to the building caused by any resident shall be repaired at the resident’s expense.

b) No surfboard, bicycles or other similar items shall be permitted in the common areas, especially walkways. Bicycles are to be properly secured to bicycle racks provided in the parking garage. Surfboards and other similar items are to be carefully stored in the resident’s apartment.

c) No skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, or similar items shall be used or worn in any common areas, including, but not limited to the lobby, walkways, and parking garage.

d) No one shall loiter or engage in recreational activity of any nature whatsoever, nor consume beverages or food, in the walkways, stairways, lobby, parking garage or other common areas. The common areas shall be used only for the purposes which they were designed for, and no other purpose.

e) No personal items are to be left in the common areas. The Management of Ala Wai King Apartments will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any personal property left in the common areas.

f) No shopping carts are allowed on the premises.

g) Smoking is prohibited by law in the enclosed common areas.

VII. Noise

a) No residents shall make or permit any “disturbing noises” in the building or on the premises at any hour, nor do or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort and convenience of others. All residents shall be responsible, at all times, for all reasonable decorum of all other residents of their apartments and guests. “Disturbing noises” shall include, but not limited to, shouting, stomping, jumping, banging and dropping of heavy objects.

b) Volume of radio, television, hi-fi stereo sets, and musical instruments shall be kept down so as to avoid disturbing other residents.

VIII. Fire Safety

a) No flammable fluids, such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, or other articles deemed extra hazardous to life, limb or property shall be brought into the buildings.

b) No barbequing or open flames of any type or cooking of any kind shall be allowed on the building walkways.

c) No footwear, floor mats or other impeding items are to be left outside apartment doorways. This is a Fire Department ruling.

IX. Litter and Rubbish

a) No rugs, drapes, or any other items shall be dusted or beaten from walkways, nor shall dust, rubbish, or litter be swept from any apartment into walkways.

b) All garbage, rubbish and other refuse should be placed in plastic trash bags to avoid spillage and odors and placed into the trash bin for disposal. All boxes and cartons are to be flattened to assist in actual disposal.

c) No dumping of vehicle batteries or hazardous materials will be allowed. Residents are responsible for having large items, such as personal beds, bookshelves, futons, etc. picked up and discarded by a delivery/disposal company.

d) No dumping of flammable liquids will be allowed.

e) Cigarettes, cigars, etc. are to be properly extinguished and placed in a plastic trash bags prior to disposal to prevent the likelihood of igniting a fire in the trash bin.

f) All garbage, rubbish and other refuse are to be properly discarded into the trash bin located on the ground floor. Do not dispose of cigarettes, soda cans, beer bottles, etc. irresponsibly.

X. Parking

a) Only four-wheeled vehicles shall be parked in stalls. All vehicles parked in the parking garage must be in operating condition with current vehicle license and safety stickers.

b) All owners must register their vehicles with the Management of Ala Wai King Apartments.

c) No vehicle repair work is permitted on the premises.

d) No vehicle washing or spray painting is permitted.

e) Violators of parking regulations will have their unattended vehicles towed away at their owner’s expense.

f) Posted speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs and directional arrows must be strictly observed by all residents and their guests.

g) Only assigned vehicles are allowed to park in pre-assigned parking stalls. Vehicles that do not have a valid parking permit will be towed away at their owner’s expense.

h) There is no guest parking. All guests and residents who have no assigned parking are to find outside parking. Resident or guest drop offs and pick ups are by street curbside.

i) For safety, the speed limit of the parking garage and during ingress and egress from the street entry is five (5) miles per hour.

XI. Laundry Areas

a) Laundry facilities are restricted to residents of Ala Wai King Apartments and limited surrounding area residents.

b) As a courtesy to other users, please empty the washer and/or dryer immediately after use.

c) No chairs will be allowed in the laundry areas.

d) Laundry facilities are to be kept in a clean and organized manner at all times.

e) No abuse of laundry machines is permitted. Residents who abuse the laundry machines will be responsible for its repair or replacement, at their expense.

While Management would like to keep rules to a minimum, some are necessary, as we all live in a community and what we do does affect others around us.

Residents who do not obey the house rules may have their rental agreement terminated and asked to vacate their apartments immediately.  Residents may also be fined monetarily for house rules violations



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